Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sweat It Out!

Its Monday night in Sydney and as I'm recovering from a big weekend I'm thinking about how crazy the past few months have been. When I started my little blog I just wanted to share all the cool mixes I'd collect out the blog world. But I've been lucky and my little side project has gotten me in touch with lots of cool peeps. None cooler than the guys from Sweat It Out, who are well just in my opinion the finest and coolest dance music label in the world. After some initial side glances and flirting we have consumated our affair and our now joined at the proverbial hip.

In english that means I have been promoting the labels new releases and doing what I can on the marketing end which is like the coolest gig in the world! Anyways that is just an update on why new posts and mixes have been so sparse but I promise it will be fixed starting tomorrow with a Booka Shade set. In the meanwhile check out some of the dope Sweat It Out stuff already out on Beatport.

Some of the future releases in store are Ajax epic first ep, new Act Yo Age ep plus their mix CD, debut ep from hot new diskohause wizkid DCUP, some crazy beats from the mysterious Yolanda Be Cool aka next big thing and much more! Plus we will have t-shirts, crazy parties and even soon! Fun times. Ok time to for some rest!