Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mr Disorder + Hookie from Starfuckers

Mr Disorder runs the best party in Sydney - Starfuckers at one of Sydney's wildest venues Club 77 aka the batcave. Best known for his epic sets that mix androgeny and decadance, Disorder is now putting out some amazing remixes and mash ups. We finally have his epic Law and Disorder mix and exclusive remixes and mashups available to download. Check out the Zombie of the Night Edit and the Bagraiders/Yelle mashup - some of my favourite edits done this year.

Law & Disorder Tracklist

Hookie is Robin to Mr Disorder's Batman and he has recently starting producing his own tracks and remixes. Also check out his Cradle of Rave and Less Hands More Rave mixes on hi MySpace page. 

Cut Copy - Live at Enmore Theatre

Promised long ago but its finally here - Cut Copy live at Sydney's Enmore Theatre!! The band plays plenty of new songs from one of the year's best albums - In Ghost Colours. Also make sure you check out Dan's dj set posted a while ago.

Set list
1. Visions
2. Far Away
3. Unforgettable Season
4. Out There On The Ice
5. Lights and Music
6. Future
7. Strangers In The Wind
8. Hearts On Fire

zSHARE files have been re-uploaded and I am in the process of putting a copy of every mix on MediaFire in case the zSHARE server goes down again. Tomorrow the Mr Disorder tracks are going back up with a hot new Presets edit!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Video of the Year?

Miami Horror - Don't Be On With Her (Directed by Warran & Rhett) from Moop Jaw on Vimeo.

Miami Horror - Don't Be On With Her. Preorder your copy here. Check out Miami's old mix up here.

Cool interview with Ben with 3d World can be found here.



LunyP is Sydney DJ and remixer who specialises in straight up banging Baltimore crack. One half of the AudioKillaZ DJ team LunyP has just put together one of the dopest remixer of the year with his re-edit of Grum's Whoa track. Check out his other remixes including an amazing Daft Punk mash up. Keep checking his MySpace for new tracks.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Presets - Live at Ormond Hall


Australia's dynamic duo, The Presets have continued with their quest for world domination with the release of the second LP Apocalypso. The live performance, recorded at Melbourne's Ormond Hall, was captured just as the album was released and the hype was massive. Just listen for the roar as My People kicks in! Remember we also have K.I.M.'s crazy dj set from last years Parklife festival.
Set list
1. Talk Like That
2. Down Down Down
3. Eucalyptus
4. A New Sky
5. Ypippiyo-ay
6. Are You the One?
7. Together
8. Girl and the Sea
9. This Boy's In Love
10. Kicking and Screaming
11. My People
As a bonus here is a snippet of The Presets live performance at the Arias (Aussie version of Grammys). The animal costumes are by Australian label Romance Was Born.


Also check out the Bang Gang's JJJ mix from last week. The boys have put it up themselves so you don't have to wait a couple of weeks till I would have put it up. Direct link can be found here.